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There is more that unites us than divides us. And we’re out to prove it.

Harwood’s Townhall is an online space to share your aspirations for your local community. Right now we can start to focus on the things that we have in common. 

We have a choice to make: we can continue down the path of frustration or we can blaze a new and better path forward for ourselves, our communities and for this country. 

Over time, we’ll pull together these aspirations and give you tools that you can use to engage people in your organization and in your community groups to make sure that shared aspirations are a starting point for important action being taken. 

We become a model for enabling every young person to reach their full potential.
Greg Tolbert Spartanburg, SC
To have a community that welcomes all walks of life, providing a safe home to all, place and room to 'grow' oneself, yet satisfied with where they are at
Debbie Swanson Colorado Springs, CO
Financial sustainability for women and children
Jan Weiland Colorado Springs, CO
People genuinely care and are engaged in finding solutions together - no matter the zip code - and that we have pride in our city.
Jordan Bridwell Colorado Springs, CO

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